I Empower my clients to practice self-love, fostering healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Who do you know who struggles with negative self-talk or unhealthy relationships, and could benefit from building greater self-love?

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Equipping You for life’s Omazing Journey!

Get to Know Dr. Obioma Martin

Dr. Obioma Martin, along with her platform Omazing You, is driven by a profound passion for empowering women. She is dedicated to equipping them with the essential tools to not only survive but also prosper and live audaciously. This unwavering commitment has propelled her into a life of unparalleled servitude, where she thrives by making a profound difference in the lives of others.

What our customers are saying?

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So thankful for Obioma Martin’s vision and her breathe journal series. I get so busy at times and forget to slow down during the day to just breathe. Breathe reminds me to do just that and to just take a moment to pause. It really makes a positive difference.


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The journals hold me accountable. I will always love your first Breathe Journal. They push you to think differently about your why, what and who you are, and really where you want to be. What you don’t realize, you are really one of my heroes.


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These beautiful journals help me to take a deeper look into God’s word, they have helped me to understand what God is saying to me, and how I should apply the word to my situation and life. They have also allowed me to look back over what God has done for me, and I will be collecting them so my daughters and granddaughters can also look back into my daily walk with God and this life He has created for me and them.


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Breathe in inspiration, exhale transformation— Begin your journey today!

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We want to give you a better home for all workshops, retreats, and courses so we’ve moved them to Omazing Youniversity! Come join us there and keep learning with Dr. Obioma.