31 Day Challenge

• be kind + pass it forward = Win Free Gifts •

31-day challenge

31 acts of kindness for self & others

We are the change we want to see in the world. Make every day an Omazing You Day with this 31-Day Challenge. A challenge to better love yourself, friends, family and community. Share your progress with the world and win great giveaways!

◦ leave a nice note ◦ spread a kind word ◦ create something ◦ share your story ◦ volunteer


the challenge

The Rules are Simple:

  1. Enter the challenge
  2. Join the facebook page
  3. Post your progress with the appropriate hashtags #MakeMyDayOmazing
  4. Tune in Every Wednesday on  as we announce the weekly winner of our giveaway.

1. Enter the Challenge

2. Join the Facebook Group

3. Post Your Progress

Community makes the world go ’round! Share a picture or video of yourself doing one of the challenges below to your Social Media using the hashtags:

#MakeMyDayOmazing #OmazingYouDay #31DayChallenge

4. Winning Wednesdays

Tune in Every Wednesday on  as we announce the  weekly winner of our giveaway.